about_staff.jpgUnited Staffing Registry, Inc. dba United Home Care is a corporation under the laws of the State of New York in 1988. With open arms, we warmly welcome you to the “Family” of the privileged professionals working with a firm whose very existence is “Heart to Heart Service.” The Company has a vast talent database of highly skilled, competent, dependable and reliable staff that were trained to meet the demands of the health care industry. The Company is always on a constant focus to keep the health care team informed and updated on the latest technology and procedures. The Company always sees to it that each health care professional is carefully selected and screened for competence, integrity, professionalism and reliability. On record, the Company has already deployed thousands of healthcare professionals which were placed and staffed through its Recruitment and Placement Division. INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE staff_park.jpg Recruitment is a people based business. Our success and growth is reliant upon people, our assets. Our term of dedicated professionals is unparalleled in the market, a blend of international recruitment experience coupled with a platform of local market and industry knowledge ensures the development and success of our team. Our Consultative approach requires continued Focus, ensuring that trends and information are provided along with on going and tailored performance and industry training. nurse_elderly.jpg BENCHMARK The benchmark for success has been based around developing a company recognized for quality of service, delivery, honesty, expertise within it’s sector and a reputation based upon integrity and trust. Our strengths have evolved to achieve diversity and specialization, allowing us to deliver across a range of markets whilst adding to a specialized and expert dimension to individual needs.

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