United Staffing Registry Inc., d/b/a United Home Care celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding in a Christmas Party before a capacity crowd comprising of distinguished guests, staff members, employees, nurses, health care givers, and their families. The affair was held at the pomp Astoria World Manor before a capacity crowd of more than 300 where
food for the gods and drinks for the connoisseurs were all for the taking.

United Home Care took advantage of the occasion to recognize and cite 25 nurses/healthcare givers by presenting them “Plaques of Appreciation & Recognition,” airline tickets to the Philippines/Florida/Las Vegas and cash. It was also an occasion to recognize and introduce the new arrivals/comers and present them their “gifts.” Dancing in all styles reached its heights and grand prizes were raffled in-between.

The highlight of the event was the message delivered by the President & CEO Benjamin H. Santos, RN-BS/HCM, where he pointed out the height of a world financial meltdown, recession, the progressively rising unemployment compounded by 1.5 million layoffs with no end in sight. He went further to state that in November 2008 alone, 533,000 were laid off.

The president was cheered and applauded when he stated, “Yet, we find ourselves here in the Grand Ballroom of Astoria World Manor, enjoying, celebrating, weathering the storm, standing tall and strong. We have no lay-offs or down-sizing. As a matter of fact we are continuously hiring.”


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