Enrollment in Hemodialysis & Certification Course Hits Record High


UNITED STAFFING REGISTRY OF NEW JERSEY, LLC., d/b/a UNITED HOME CARE Hemodialysis “Training Course” and “Certification Courses” such as Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS); Basic Life Support (BLS); IV Therapy/Phlebotomy; and Basic EKG and Telemetry enrollment has reached record high with “”UNITED HOME CARE” being a by-word in the health care community offering such courses for academic growth. “Hemodialysis” is a medical procedure that uses a “dialysis” machine to filter waste products from the blood and to restore normal constituents to it. It is conducted for FOUR (4) consecutive Saturdays at the New Jersey Offices. .

These “Certification Courses” are made available by the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION in UNITED STAFFING REGISTRY IN NEW JERSEY LLC. d/b/a UNITED HOME CARE with offices located at 636 Newark, New Jersey, NJ 07306.

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