Benjamin Santos, RN


A Filipino by birth and an American patriot by design. Pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, his colorful, inspiring and death defying career was highlighted by the ten (10) year stint in the military service, in the war zones of Vietnam, Southeast Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. “Benjamin H. Santos, Special Forces, Ranger, Airborne,” specialty in medical service.

A well recognized and highly decorated patriot ending up with receiving the “Military Merit Medal,” and other campaign medals. He was awarded, among other various citations, a plaque by the Ministry of Health of Saigon as “Public Health Nurse,” in recognition of his dedication to service and professionalism in the war torn battlefields of Vietnam. Farther recognizing the bravery and valor, Mr. Santos was promoted in the field of battle from “Sgt., to 2nd Lt.” Being with the “Special Forces, Ranger, Airborne,” he is one of the elite few who proudly wears a “Master Jumper Badge” (Parachutist) on the lapel of his jacket, having been a sky diver, and a “High Altitude Low Opening” (HALO) jumper. The badge and scars of war has ingrained in him to be ever vigilant of the safety, security and welfare of all his staff and employees, extending to the patients, countrymen, and foremost, that of the United States of America.

A holder of Diploma in Nursing, Algonquin College and a Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management in Brooklyn. New York. He started his career as a Registered Nurse (1976) in a State Hospital after passing the Nurse Administrator Civil Service Examinations in the State of New York. In 1980, he joined the Psych Unit of St. Claire’s Hospital in New York City. In the last quarter of 1988, he decided to quit his job at St. Claire’s Hospital and took over the administrative functions of their own medical clinic in Jackson Heights. It was on this significant year 1988, that UNITED STAFFING REGISTRY, INC. dba UNITED HOME CARE was founded and incorporated.

United Home Care started with two (2) office staff and a few nursing personnel with a couple of contract facilities. Through the years, Ben Santos, has hammered and forged onward with all patience and fortitude, gaining the respect and trust of both the nursing personnel and contract facilities due to his honesty, integrity and professionalism. Presently the Company has in its employ more than 200 employees but not after having petitioned and sponsored more than a thousand nursing and non-medical employees that became green-card holders, many of whom are now American citizens occupying executive positions in health care facilities.

Such surged of employees and increase in facilities was squarely met by the acquisition of two (2) health care companies, one in 1996 and recently (October 2005), the taking over of a health care corporation in Nutley, New Jersey.

Ben served as President of the Aces of Queens Jackson Heights, Lions Club for two (2) consecutive years; received his Melvin Jones Fellow Award in 1993; the Robert Uplinger Award in 2001; the “Lion of the Year” award;, and the Circle of Achievement award as outstanding President. He was also a recipient of the New Jersey Governor’s Award and was also cited as one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Filipino-American” in 2003. Due to his active participation in the “Tsunami Disaster Relief Campaign”, Ben received his fourth Melvin Jones Fellow Award from the Lions Club International (LCIF) in 2005. Worthy to mention further is that he was elected by the PHHOSO as one of the top ten (10) philanthropist of New York, to mention a few.

A die-hard civic-minded citizen, you would find him amidst disaster areas or heading fund raising campaigns for some worthy causes and getting directly involved in Health Fair Projects, a community-humanitarian service. He spearheaded the “Mission Eyesight” Project in the Philippines wherein poor farmers in Central Luzon and Eastern Visayas were given FREE cataract operations. Recently, United Home Care Foundation, the charity arm of United Staffing Registry, Inc. dba United Home Care, sponsored an “Eyesight Saving Mission” in Cebu City as part of a five-month (October 2005-February 2006) program where a total of fifty (50) patients will undergo cataract surgeries at the rate of ten (10) patients per month. United Home Care Foundation undertook to shoulder all expenses which included, but not limited to, honorarium, medicine, medical supplies and for pre/post and continued follow-up.

Ever mindful of his heritage, you will find him workings dating back to the Taal Volcano eruption (1965); funding humanitarian deeds in the remotest barrios; or raising funds for the Typhoon “Yoyong” victims in the province of Quezon; or funding the operation of two (2) hydrocephalus children from Manila and Cebu. In New York, United Home Care will repeatedly and in various strategic locations sponsor Health Fair Projects where eyes are examined, weight/height taken, blood pressure determined, giving vaccination and other health services, including EKG and others, all for FREE. The latest was last October 23, 2005 at St. Sebastian Church in Woodside. All for the love of country and his fellow-men, you will find Benjamin H. Santos, RN, with the needy, the orphans, the children, the sick, the elderly, and the handicapped, “bearing gifts” of health care.

Head Office:
77-04 Broadway
Elmhurst, NY 11373
Tel: (718) 639-5475
Fax: (718) 639-6409